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This month our guest blog has been written by the talented Juliette Thomas, Director at Spark & Fuse.  

This weekend I found myself discussing mythical creatures with my three-year-old son. He was having a hard time understanding that dinosaurs were in fact very real, even though they lived millions of years ago, yet dragons (which aren’t too dissimilar in his eyes) are a figment of our imagination; folklore passed down from generation to generation. Back at my desk on Monday, I was still mulling over our conversation while researching work stuff, and it got me thinking about popular misconceptions surrounding prize promotions.

Despite the fact that the CAP Code outlines the industry acceptable way to administer a promotion, many brands and businesses run their competitions and giveaways based on what they believe to be right. It’s not unusual for promoters to copy others with the ‘if they’re doing it, it must be okay’ mentality, or carry on processes inherited from managers or colleagues rather than checking if what they are doing is correct. This means that promoters are falling into the same old traps, making the same old mistakes, receiving the same old complaints and disappointing consumers along the way. In a bid to debunk some of these misconceptions, behold my top ten prize promotion myths.


Capen Blog Charity Of The Week

This February we wanted to highlight the amazing work of two charities who are raising all important funds with Give And Win Voluntary. Every month we like to help charities get their message across with #CharityOfTheWeek which you can follow at @GiveAndWinVol on Twitter and Facebook.


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Kubota is giving away a brand new RTV-X900 in their ‘Working Safely, Saving Lives’ digital raffle which aims to raise £250,000 for the Association of Air Ambulances. The Association Of Air Ambulances is a representative trade body for Air Ambulance services in the UK and works closely with independent air ambulances.


Protect Your Charity From Cyber Attacks (1)

What Happens When it all Goes Wrong and What You Can Do To Limit the Fall Out.

This week, Charity Digital News published an article on the vulnerability of charities from cyber attacks. Information from the government’s 2015 Information Security Breaches Survey revealed the increase of cyber attacks on smaller organisations with a decline in the right insurance covers in the event of a breach. 38% of small organisations were attacked by an unauthorised outsider in the last year, which is up 5% from last year, with only 27% of small organisations with insurance that would cover them in the event of a breach; down 8% from last year. The survey also mentions that nearly 9 out of 10 large organisations suffer security breaches, which is alarmingly high.


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Twitter has dominated our phones and computer screens since 2006, when it was a fun and convenient way to start discussions and connect with your favourite celebrities online. Since then Twitter has grown phenomenally with 320 Million active monthly users, but is it enough?

Initially, Twitter’s 140-character limit took microblogging to a new level where users could keep informed with live updates, ‘hashtags’ and ‘trending’ news. Big brands took advantage of the quick and reliable platform to share news with customers and saw a flood of targeted ads with 100,000 active advertisers. But as Twitter competes with rivals, Facebook and Instagram, it introduces new features like Moments and replaces Favourites with Likes (similar to that of Facebook).



This year the Give & Win Voluntary team wanted to support some of their amazing charities and causes. We started #CharityOfTheWeek simply to highlight all the hard work our charities do to support the community and give back.

Give & Win Voluntary works with a range of charities from Medical & Health to Arts & Culture and provides a unique fundraising lottery designed to help relieve smaller charities and voluntary organisations from the costs required in setting up a lottery from scratch. This January we wanted to highlight the great work of two charities who constantly strive to provide excellent services and support to those that need it.


Online RaffleFundraising can be challenging and often time consuming, but wouldn’t it be great if you could take out the time and hassle of traditional fundraising?

With the Internet exploding, everyone, everyday is online. Whether it’s at work, at home or commuting, people are constantly engaging online. Fundraising with an online raffle is easy, quick & reaches to billions of people already online. If that’s not enough to convince you, below are 10 reasons why you should fundraise with an online raffle.


Long-Awaited Relaxation Of Rules On Exempt Lotteries Announced

Anna Mathias

After a year of delay, the Government has finally announced that the relaxation of the rules relating to various forms of exempt lotteries will come into force on 6 April next year.

The Legislative Reform (Exempt Lotteries) Order 2016 was laid before Parliament in November and will become law after the expiry of a period of 40 days, without the need for parliament to vote further on the matter, in accordance with the affirmative resolution procedure.



This #GivingTuesday Capen is supporting charities and corporations raise those all important funds through digital raffles and lotteries. Keep an eye out for some of the amazing prizes & causes you can be a part of. Join in this #GivingTuesday!

Below are just some of our amazing raffles you can play today!


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